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Tradition, Honor, Respect, Discipline, Courage, Integrity

Why Choose Ronin Dragon Karate?

EXPERIENCED INSTRUCTORS - With over 80+ years of combined experience, our instructors have developed different training methods that have been proven to be effective. Able to spend one on one time with your child is what we pride ourselves in, not many other schools offer this service without charging extra. We do it because we care and want the child to succeed in every way possible. We are friendly, experienced, firm, yet patient and fun. We offer traditional training and are always excited to teach new students. What are you waiting for? Come join the fun!

PHYSICAL FITNESS - Childhood obesity rates are climbing, more and more children are spending more time indoors playing video games and watching television instead of engaging in physical activities. By training with us, you will improve flexibility, strength, balance, cardiovascular endurance and overall energy levels.

LIFE SKILLS - Skills include discipline, self-respect as well as respect for others, team work, courage, patience, confidence, etc. Martial arts can be a valuable tool for helping to show how rules at home apply to everyday life and the outside world as well.

SELF DEFENSE - Self defense is the obvious reason that should come to mind when considering enrolling a child in the martial arts. At Ronin Dragon, we teach self defense movements, conflict resolution, personal responsibility and avoidance. In that respect, training with us would benefit both the bully by teaching to respect others as well as your own power, to focus by turning negative energy into something positive, and the bullied, by teaching how to calm a situation or defend oneself if need be.

BEHAVIOR ISSUES - Many parents turn to martial arts when their children are acting out in school and at home. This ties in with the "Life Skills" section. Ronin Dragon Karate will help improve attention span, teach your child respect, demeanor and self control. The Ronin Dragon instructors have a good method of communicating with children, we are firm but friendly, and most importantly, we are very consistent. We have found that this is the best way for children to get the most out of training with us.

SAFE, AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITY - Many parents are just seeking a safe, wholesome, useful activity for their child to occupy some of their free time. At Ronin Dragon Karate, our goal is to create a second home for students. Where they can build relationships with classmates and instructors and become a part of the Ronin Dragon Family for a lifetime.

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