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Instructors of Ronin Dragon Karate in Lehi, UT

Lehi, UT Branch

Sensei Jordan Diaz - 4th Degree Black Belt

Sensei Jordan Diaz started his training in 2001. From a very young age, Jordan knew he wanted to earn his black belt. As he progressed towards reaching his goal he began to hold classes in grab arts, weapons, and katas. In 2007 Jordan reached his goal and earned his black belt in Shito-Shu/Jidokwan.

Sensei Jordan was very active in competing at tournaments and in 2005, won the World Championships in Las Vegas, NV in the kata division. One year later he won Grand Champion in San Francisco in weapons along with placing first in many other tournaments. In 2013 he made is comeback to the Vegas tournament and placed 1st and Grand Champion in the 2013 Winter Olympics Las Vegas, NV.

In March 2013, Jordan received his 3rd Dan (degree) black belt earning the rank of SENSEI! In July 2014 he was promoted to 4th dan by Shihan Crescini. In that same year in August he earned his 1st degree in Taekwondo from Master Barker. Within the next month in September 2014 he earned his 1st Dan (Shodan) in Shobukan Shotokan under Shihan Manuel Dacosta in the International Shobukan Shotokan Karate Association (I.S.S.K.A).

Sensei Jordan has a "just do it" attitude and has adopted the motto which has helped him reach his goals which he now encourages other students to believe. He has always pushed himself to be the best he can be by learning, teaching, and being an example to others.

Sensei Diaz devotes his heart and soul in traditionally teaching the Ronin Dragon System. In 2011 with the permission from his instructors, Sensei Diaz opened up a karate branch in Utah, in 2014 that branch became an extension of the Ronin Dragon System. Sensei Diaz is a very dedicated instructor who will continue his journey in studying martial arts for many years to come.

Oakley, CA Branch

Shihan Arnel Crescini - 6th Degree Black Belt

Shihan Arnel Crescini has been training in martial arts since a very young age. He earned his first black belt in the Hapkido System in 1982.

From there he started fresh within a new system which consisted of Shito-Shu karate and Jidokwan in 1993. After many years of hard work and dedication, earned his 2nd black belt in 1998.

In 2004 Shihan Arnel received his 3rd degree black belt, earning the rank of Sensei.

Shihan Arnel is very competitive and has won back to back Grand Championships in kata as well as many more Grand Championships in several tournaments along with placing first in many other competitions for kata, weapons and kumite. In 2013, he made a comeback to the tournament circuit after not competing for the last 7 years and placed first in traditional kata and took home the Grand Championship trophy!

On Sat Oct. 19th, 2013 Shihan Crescini was promoted to 6th degree black belt with the blessing of his instructor as well as several other martial arts Grand Masters earning the rank of SHIHAN, Congratulations!

Shihan Arnel is a wonderful teacher and tough competitor and has earned much respect from his students, other competitors and instructors. He is the heart and soul of the black belts. He continues to be very active in the dojo and in teaching the traditional way of Karatedo. He is now the head instructor and one of the main founders of the Ronin Dragon System in Oakley, CA.

Renshi Gino Bangoli - 5th Degree Black Belt

Renshi Gino Bangoli started training in 1993 and earned his Black Belt in Shito-Shu/Jidokwan 1998. He was well known in the tournament circuit and had placed first in many competitions for kata and weapons. His specialty is the Kamas & Sai. Renshi Bangoli's strongest talent is grab arts and self-defense techniques, besides katas. He is extremely in tune with the technique and coordination that Self-defense requires.

In 2004, Gino earned his 3rd Dan (degree) black belt earning the rank of Sensei.

Renshi Bangoli carries the traditional ways of teaching which is the way he was trained to be by his instructor. He is very dedicated to the system and will always follow the Ronin Dragon System by the book. He continues to teach the old school ways, which to some would be considered strict. But Mr. Bangoli has a big heart and only wants the best for the students he instructs, which is why he strives for perfection!

Before Gino’s two major back surgeries he was always at the Dojo from opening to closing 5 days a week. Mr. Bangoli had to take a break from martial arts to recover from his injuries but luckily in 2012, he returned to the dojo to continue his training, with moderation of course, and is helping instruct the lower belts.

In April 2013 Sensei Bangoli tested and passed his 4th degree testing! In July of 2014 he was promoted to 5th degree by Shihan Arnel Crescini earning the title of RENSHI!

Renshi Elizabeth Iparraguirre - 5th Degree Black Belt

Renshi Elizabeth Iparraguirre has been training since March of 1993. From the first day of training, she knew that this is the sport for her. At the age of 10 years old, she wanted to one day follow in the footsteps of owning and teacher her own school. After hard work and dedication in learning traditional karate, in 1999 Elizabeth earned her in black belt in Shito-Shu/Jidokwan system.

Renshi Elizabeth was very active in the dojo and well known in the tournament circuits and placed first in many competitions in traditional kata, kumite (point sparring, continuous & Muay Thai fighting), and in traditional weapons. In 1997 she held a Grand Championship title in kata, she was also apart of the demonstration team.

In 2011, Elizabeth received her 3rd Dan (degree) black belt earning the rank of Sensei.

In April 2013 Renshi Iparraguirre tested and passed her 4th degree testing! That same year Renshi Elizabeth was the #1 competitor in traditional katas as well as Kenpo kata categories for the year in the Gold Cup Tournament Circuit and took home 2 Grand Championship trophies! In July 2014 she was promoted to 5th dan earning the title of RENSHI!

Renshi Elizabeth has studied martial arts for the last 20+ years and believes in traditional teachings. She will push you to your fullest potential and is particular in how she teaches; she is firm yet friendly. Martial Arts is her way of life, she is dedicated to making the Ronin Dragon System flourish and looks forward to continuing her training, both as an instructor and as a student.

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