Ronin Dragon Karate

Tradition, Honor, Respect, Discipline, Courage, Integrity

Official Attire of Ronin Dragon Karate

  • Students must always come to workout in full complete uniform. Uniform should be clean and under shirts must be tucked into your gi pants.¬†Uniform is all white.
  • Jewelry of any kind is not allowed on the workout floor, with the exception of wedding rings, or if ears were just recently pierced. This is for the students protection as well as others.
  • Ladies must always wear a shirt under the gi top.
  • Gentlemen must always wear a groin cup.
  • Long hair must be pinned up or tied back in a ponytail. Do not wear hairpins/ barrettes that will cause you injury or injury to someone else.
  • When sparring, full gear is required, i.e., head gear, hand gear, foot gear, shin guards, mouthpiece, and a groin cup. Carry full gear with you at all times. If gear is borrowed from the dojo, make sure that it is put away neatly and that the equipment area is clean.
  • Never wear your belt outside of the dojo, unless you are performing in a tournament/ demonstration (with the knowledge of your Sensei).
  • Never wash your belt.
  • Do not forget your belt in the dojo. It may be taken away until the instructor chooses to return it to you.

Sensei Jordan Diaz

Ronin Dragon Karate
2142 Shadow Wood Dr.
Lehi, UT 84043